Bec Adamczewski

From fonts to colour schemes, remaining consistent with your theme and tone of branding across multiple platforms is vital to how you are perceived, according to graphic designer Bec Adamczewski.

The Hobart-based illustrator, muralist and artist emphasised to a branding workshop at Launceston’s Freelance Festival yesterday that you need to be consistent across your digital presence, even if it is just the font that you are looking for in emails. Taking care of small details can set you apart from others.  

“Consistency is king,” she said. “It is just so incredibly important. So, if it is just across a project or across your personal branding, try to keep it as consistent as you can.”  

Adamczewski, who said she likes to work in Uggs, took participants on a tour to think about the process of designing their brands before getting to the process of designing and creating digital assets. 

“Before you go onto Canva or Adobe Express to create your digital assets, somethings to think about are how you might want to brand yourself, the tone you’re trying to get across, and the audience,” she said.  

She named Canva, Adobe Creative Cloud Express, Wix and Shopify, as her go-to places to create digital assets. Among these companies, there are a few that also have paid versions that can set your designs even further apart form the everyday.  

“Don’t jump to making assets, plan before you start,” she said. “Absorb visual content, research and see what you like. Think about who your competitors are and how you can set yourself apart from them.” 

Tips and tricks for digital assets: 

  • Great resources are available online to learn more (YouTube / Vimeo) 
  • Space – make sure you think about margins / space  
  • Not using too much text in social media tiles (bad for SEO and accessibility) 
  • Make sure you consider accessibility online (alt text, colours, etc.) 
  • Stretching text or images disproportionately looks unprofessional  
  • Try and keep two fonts max 

“When facing a creativity block, I brainstorm words, put them in Google image search, try and see what other people think of a particular word,” Bec suggested.  

Photo by Krutika Kale.

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