Genevieve Cother

Have you ever considered selling your knowledge? A career’s worth of experience would be an awful thing to waste, so why not repackage your discreet tips and tricks of the market into a short, accredited course?

“This is all about recognising competencies that are developed in the workplace,” business development manager at the Action Learning Institute (ACI), Genevieve Cother said, “this is not about sitting down and answering questions on the internet.”

Anyone can create short courses and distribute their ideas to the marketplace with credentials and digital badges in an open-source network, enabling users to share credentials and assess each other.

“We gather the evidence to show competency,” Bob Cother, founder, and director of ACI said, “your digital portfolio will show particular competencies, so if an employer wants to see a demonstration of your skills, they can see your demonstration.”

The first step in this process is building an institution that people will recognise in order to boost your accreditation, because if anyone can make an accreditation, yours has to stand out amongst the crowd.

“Say you’ve got an entry level person that’s come to you,” Cother explained, “you’d tell your network to hire them, which in turn boosts your brand and creates credibility around your digital accreditation.”

A reputation and recognition of your own brand and stamp of approval would be reflected in your course’s effectiveness in the market in a space where the sheer amount of short digital courses breed competitiveness and concentrates the quality of top courses.

She believes the problem of existing vocational institutions is they foster outdated skills and don’t condone innovation or experimentation in the curriculum. A change to a pre-existing vocational qualification requires an average of seven years to introduce and enact, she added.

“That’s the difference between TAFE,” Cother explained, “a lot of the teachers at TAFE have little or old experience in the field.

“There are so many managers that don’t know how to deal with people,” she continued, “the dream is that one day these people won’t be able to get these jobs without the accreditation and demonstration that they are suitable for the work.

“It has to be authentic knowledge.”

She said, for those budding educators out there, you learn how to build courses by building courses.

“We are about to disrupt the mainstream education system,” Cother concluded, “watch this space.”

Main image by Zak Wheeler.

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