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    Thanks to the journalism students from RMIT and UTS for their coverage of the 2022 Launceston Freelance Festival.

    Micro-credentials: the endorsements that can make an impact on your digital portfolio

    June 8, 2022 Zak Wheeler

    Have you ever considered selling your knowledge? A career’s worth of experience would be an awful thing to waste, so...

    Think before designing your digital assets: Bec Adamczewski 

    June 8, 2022 Krutika Kale

    From fonts to colour schemes, remaining consistent with your theme and tone of branding across multiple platforms is vital to...

    A funder’s insights to approaching grants: Bonnie Bley

    June 8, 2022 Krutika Kale

    Funding organisations want to work with freelancers because they 'bring access', according to the Judith Neilson Institute's Bonnie Bley. Bley,...

    How talking a digital language can help your story pitch

    June 8, 2022 Fred Pawle

    Talking about creating better audience engagement online for your stories can give you an extra edge when pitching to commissioning...

    Protecting yourself from cyber attacks

    June 8, 2022 Zak Wheeler

    Cybersecurity is an undervalued asset and costing freelancers much more than just the time it takes to change a compromised...

    Northern Sound System amplifies freelancers chance for success

    June 7, 2022 Fred Pawle

    Integrating freelance workers into a business model that prioritises engaging youth in the arts, is getting results, an audience has...

    Industry must support fair pay for women: MEAA

    June 7, 2022 Ada Hall

    More needs to be taught to young journalists, especially women, about how to stand up for themselves and to demand...

    Freelancing isn’t new, but its role in society keeps changing

    June 7, 2022 Zak Wheeler

    The Australian gig economy has been valued at $6 billion and it’s growing. The key to success in this environment...

    Calculating your value by worth, not the market’s pain points

    June 7, 2022 Zak Wheeler

    Freelancers need to be flexible in their expectations while at the same time valuing their skills more highly when negotiating...

    How Rachel’s List is getting people jobs

    June 7, 2022 Ada Hall

    There are birthday present lists, shopping lists, and wish lists, basically, anything can be listed, but there isn’t anything quite...

    The market is going social, so should you

    June 7, 2022 Zak Wheeler

    For freelance journalists and content creators, social media is more important than ever, and with tens of millions of monthly...

    Tasmania’s ‘stranger than fiction’ culture brings unique perspective to Aussie film industry

    June 7, 2022 Fred Pawle

    Tasmania's complicated and vibrant history and arts sector has been lauded by a top film maker as "stranger than fiction"....

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